Delivering the right results of VOCs

  • Standard Gas

    Standard Gas

    Nutech® offers NIST Traceable calibration standards from Linde, Inc.
  • SUMMA Canister

    SUMMA Canister

    Canisters are used for the collection of TO-14 and TO-15 compounds, as well as all other air samples. The canisters are the most important part of the whole air VOC analysis. We support two types of canisters: the Silco CanTM Air Monitoring Canisters and the TO-Can TM Air Monitoring Canisters (SUMMA equivalent). The choices of sampling canister type will be depended on the applications for your projects. The recovery of different individual compound after a period of time from sampling and stored in the SUMMA and Silco canister may be different. It need to be verified by your actual recovery testing with different time and canister type.
  • Tedlar® Bag

    Tedlar® Bag

    Tedlar Bag is an alternative sampling container for air VOC analysis. The Tedlar Bag is made from a DuPont special material PVF film with a PEF-coated septa to keep the gas sample stable and leak free.