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2600GT Carry-on Automatic Multifunctional Sampling System

The 2600GT is a VOC sampling product which can bring great convenience to users. It supports both canisters and DNPH, and it is convenient to carry.


    Supports simultaneous sampling of 1-2 canisters and 3 groups of DNPH, which can be sampled sequentially or simultaneously in parallel.

    Flow rate controlled by MFC, the deviation is less than 2%. Compared to mechanical current limiter, it can avoid blockage completely.

    The 2600GT can be controlled by PC and smartphone. The sampling parameter settings are intuitive and user friendly. It possesses real-time recording and a visual display of the sampling pressure and flow data.

    Built-in sampling pump with sampling power

    DC 24V batteryallowing it to last longer than 10 days.

    Sampling box has all-weather waterproof and earthquake-proof functions.