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2600ST Multifunctional Automatic Sampling System

The 2600ST is the world's first fully automatic air sampler for collecting air samples in both canister and DNPH, an advanced solution in air sampling for environmental, scientific research, 3rd party group and other interested parties. Nutech® provides 2600ST in either self-stand or benchtop configuration.

    Technical Data

    Number of sampling canister


    Specification of sampling canister


    Number of DNPH cartridges


    Number of channels


    Operating environment

    110v/60hz or 220v/50hz with max 100w

    Flow rate





    ■ Smart and Powerful

    Sampling with canister (0-13) and DNPH cartridges (0-4 groups) .

    Series or parallel connected in sampling sequences.

    Featuring smartphone, WiFi and pc control which provides threshold control and remote operation

    Fully automatic during the sampling process.

    ■ Strong Adaptability

    Waterproof and dust-proof design, with all-weather capability.

    Automatic leak check before sampling to ensure the validity of sampling.

    Compatible with all types of commercially available canisters.

    ■ High Precision

    Flow rate controlled by MFC, the deviation is less than 2%. Compared to mechanical current limiter, it can avoid blockage completely.

    Independent channels and silanized flow paths minimize the cross contamination.

    Supporting real-time data logging (including flow rate, pressure and time intervals) and historical data can be queried.