Delivering the Right Results for VOCs

  • 8910 Preconcentrator

    8910 Preconcentrator

    The 8910 has the most advanced hardware and software with unique features for the analysis of compounds listed in EPA Methods TO-14 and TO-15. Functionality and longevity were the main goals in the development of Nutech®’s preconcentrator.
  • 3610 Autosampler

    3610 Autosampler

    The 3610 features 16 inlet positions that bring Nutech’s automated analysis capabilities to a wide variety of vacuum sampling canisters and Tedlar® bags. The 3610 easily connects to a 8900/8910 Preconcentrator for the automated analysis of VOCs in canisters with EPA TO-14A and TO-15 requirements.
  • 2104 Canister Cleaning System

    2104 Canister Cleaning System

    The cleanliness of the canister is very critical to the overall accuracy of the detection of TO-14 and TO-15 compounds in the sample. The 2104 is suitable for automatic cleaning of canisters of different specifications (1/3/6/15L) and Tedlar® bags for air sampling in order to realize recycling.
  • 2203 Precision Static Dilutor

    2203 Precision Static Dilutor

    It is suitable for diluting high concentration standard gas into low concentration working gas and is widely used in laboratory standard gas configuration. It is suitable for dilution of high concentration sample gas to reach the linear test range of pretreatment instrument (e.g. preconcentrator) or analytical instrument.