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2203 Precision Static Dilutor

It is suitable for diluting high concentration standard gas into low concentration working gas and is widely used in laboratory standard gas configuration. It is suitable for dilution of high concentration sample gas to reach the linear test range of pretreatment instrument (e.g. preconcentrator) or analytical instrument.

    Technical Data

    Number of channels




    Maximum dilution times 



    Ultrapure Nitrogen or Zero Air

    Operating environment

    110v/60hz or 220v/50hz with max 100,

    temperature:-5~50℃;humidity: 0-95%RH



    Operating System 

    Windows XP/7/8/10


    The 2203 uses multi-stage dilution, the maximum dilution factor can reach 10,000 times, which meets the analysis needs of trace samples.


    The 2203 uses high precision MFC and pressure sensor as dilution control unit. Compared with differential pressure measurement, the accuracy of dilution is better (less than 1% under 100 times).


    The 2203 has excellent performance of gas saving: one 110L standard gas can fill over 1,800 6L canisters.


    Special control software, programmed design, high degree of automation: 1. Automatically check the initial pressure of the sample tank, with sample pressurization function; 2. Automatically calculate the actual dilution factor and calculation ratio, control flow rate, easy to operate.


    Separate standard and sample dilution channel, the sampling lines and valves are silanized, minimizing the unit’s potential contamination of the samples.