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PCGC-TOFMS VOCs Component Online Analyzer

The most advanced PCGC-TOFMS is designed for continuous real-time online monitoring of all volatile organic compounds in ambient air and fenceline. It covers 108 PAMS and EPA TO-15 target compounds as well as unknown compounds, which are not listed in methods above. With TOFMS or FID-TOFMS, and Nutech® preconcentration technology, it can identify unknown compounds of ultra-low level with or without standard gases.

    Technical Data



    Measurement range

    0.1ppb to 100ppb level

    Maximum temperature rise rate


    Adsorption/desorption temperature


    Sampling rate



    ±10% for most compounds


    RSD3% for most   compounds


    Ultrapure N2He

    Data interface

    RS232, LAN

    Operating environment

    110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz±10% with max.   3.5kW, 10℃~40℃/20%~90%RH operating range


    The Nutech® innovative and specially improved comprehensive separation column is used to meet the separation and analysis requirements of 108 target compounds, including those listed in PAMS and EPA TO-15 methods, and all unidentified compounds of ultra-low level.

     The original low-temperature preconcentration technology greatly improves the detection limit, meets the detection requirements of VOC components in low or ultra-low concentration air, and can report the concentration of TVOC at the same time.

     The application of the new generation of advanced technology enables the system to maximize the separation of moisture in samples.

    Using MFC to accurately control the flow rate to effectively ensure the accuracy of test results.

     It has PC control, real-time data acquisition and transmission, automatic process data recording and storage, and supports QC/QA report printing. The system can automatically save and restore data if there is an unexpected power outage.