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N20 Online Industrial TVOC Analyzer

The N20 is suitable for continuous and real-time on-line monitoring of volatile organic compounds (TVOC) from fixed pollution sources in petrochemical, chemical, cement building materials, rubber products, biopharmaceutical, industrial coating, packaging and printing, electronic information, synthetic materials, textile printing and dyeing, solid/hazardous waste disposal, landfill and other industrial enterprises.

    Technical Data

    Test Method


    Measurement range

    0.1 ppb to ppm level


    RSD< 10%


    RSD< 5%


    RSD< 5%



    Operating environment

    110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz±10% with max. 0.6kW, 10~40/20%~90%RH operating range


    Real-time on-line, Fast response.

    Direct FID detection without chromatographic column, quantitative tube or quantitative ring, instantaneous (0.1s) response.

    Strong anti-interference ability.

    Using reliable internal heating technology, the gas is discharged from the exhaust port until it is detected by FID. The whole process of heat tracing can effectively avoid condensation and water blockage.

    Using special high-strength filter device, multiple protection, effectively avoid interference of fine particulate matter, acid-base, water, carbon dioxide and other compounds in industrial exhaust gas.

    Mature Technology and Stable Data.

    With FID detector, all volatile organic compounds have a good response, mature and reliable technology, wide linear range and stable data, meet with EPA-25A.

    High Automatic.

    The instrument can automatically select measuring range, ignition, fuel shutdown, flameout indication, automatic calibration and zero adjustment by program control.


    Single or double channels can be selected according to the working conditions (that is, one instrument can monitor two pollution sources online at the same time). When the physical distance of flue gas is relatively close, the design of double channels can effectively reduce user costs.

    If equipped with sampling pipeline, zero/hydrogen generator, controller, etc., the on-line monitoring system can be formed and seamlessly docked with the upper data management system.